• All Equipment Provided For You On Leasing Basis

  • Employees Provided & Trained For You

  • Screening Tools Provided

  • Screening for unknown conditions at the Primary Care
    level results in patient retention or interventional referrals to Specialists to address the challenge

  • Insurance covered medical testing means patients are
    more likely to participate in effective preventive care



  • Over 30,000 Patients Screened

  • Thousands of previously unknown conditions diagnosed that could have led to heart attack, diabetes, stroke or aortic aneurysms

  • “Patients who had symptomatic vascular disease had a 14.4% rate at one year and 28.4% rate at three years of having a heart attack, stroke. Patients with vascular disease in more than one location of the body had event rate at 40.5% at three years.”
    European Heart Journal, August 2009



  • Physician-based, preventive care wellness program that provides the tools to detect serious health risks in patients

  • We partner with you to help your patients got the absolute best preventative care available

  • We are there and available every day

  • Think of us a new service line within your practice

  • Managed Services Agreement