The Heartwise Experience    

Heartwise takes the guesswork out of your health. Heartwise is a full body exam designed to provide a 360-degree view of an individual's health. It captures issues that may be missed in traditional physicals or wellness programs, and gives patients real answers about underlying conditions.

Heartwise can impact your quality of life. Do you struggle with fatigue, frequent headaches, sleep problems, swelling in your legs. Heartwise helps get to the bottom of these and other symptoms that can affect your day-to-day health and future health risks.  

Simple, Non-Invasive Experience

Below we outline the process that is followed in each Heartwise Clinic. The process is pain-free, enjoyable, and easy for patients.

Our PROPRIETARY Software          

Our unique and proprietary algorithms compare testing results to decades of data from comparable patients. The in-depth report provides a tool for you and your physician to improve patient health, reduce preventable illnesses and get to the root cause of issues, rather than addressing only the symptoms. 

Utilizing protocols developed at Harvard as well as the University of Minnesota, Heartwise algorithms compare decades of data with real-time diagnostics.  We analyze your risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer to ensure that you and your doctor understand your true health condition.


Relax. Your Insurance Pays for It

Most Heartwise patients pay little or no money out of pocket for their Heartwise exam.

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