Frequently Asked Questions


Heartwise is a turn-key, physician-based, preventive care wellness program. We are proud to provide patients with the tools that detect serious health risks and that provide physicians with results so they can develop a care plan uniquely catered to each patient.

Our purpose is to assist people in receiving as much preventative care as they possibly can. Provided by participating physicians during the annual physical, or  it can be done any time.  Heartwise can detect early signs of treatable conditions or uncover existing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Our advanced testing not only detects these conditions but can evaluate the risk of developing them in the future. Because our testing is part of preventative care, it is completely covered by insurance and comes at no cost to you other than discovering your full health levels. Uninsured patients may receive a discounted rate.


Heartwise implements population health management for patients and generates ancillary revenue for physicians. Identifying underlying conditions early enough allows physicians to begin treatment before it grows to further damage health and prevent severe development.

Who is accepted into the Heartwise Program?

We are quite selective with our medical practitioners to ensure that patient care and positive medical outcomes come first.  Many of our existing clinics have been referred by current physicians in the Heartwise Family. 

What is the Heartwise Head to Toe EXAM?

The Heartwise program is a group of 26 tests conducted in the physician's office.  Our software then analyzes the data and compares it to decades of patient outcomes.  Your patient receives a custom, color-coded folder with their results. This enables the physician to provide targeted care.

Where are your locations?

We are currently operating in several states and have the ability to operate in all 50 states.  We are in the process of finalizing our corporate contracts that will give us an international presence. We are headquartered in Austin, TX.

What Equipment is Required?

We handle all aspects of procuring, setting up and training staff on all equipment.  There are over 190 items on our site start up checklist and we handle all up front costs of your leased equipment.

Do I need to hire additional staff? What about training?

We are a turn key service.  We recruit, interview, and train the dedicated staff for your site.  Furthermore, we work with existing staff at your clinic with how to schedule patients as well as your medical providers on protocols.  Having had years to iron out our training program, we’ve made it very thorough to make setup a breeze for our physicians.

Can I talk to existing clinics?

Yes!  If your practice qualifies, we will provide you with contact information of current members in the Heartwise Family who can speak to you about their experiences!