See what our Doctors and Patients say:

I have been through this program myself, and it is by far the most comprehensive and informative health screening I have experienced. This was very different from a routine physician visit and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity.
— Director of Human Resources HudsonAlpha
Given all the complications of several circulatory diseases I have seen as my parents get older, I was convinced that I needed to have some sort of elaborate screening done. Given I am now in my mid 40’s, I was concerned that some of the issues my parents have may be hereditary. When I heard about the Heartwise Clinic and that it would cost me nothing out of pocket, I decided to make an appointment. Once I completed the screening and had a follow up visit to explain my score, I was given a plan that has already begun improving my health!
— Patient from Sulphur, LA
I had a HeartWise exam done and can tell you that it is a complete eye-opener for those of us who think we have good health. It literally saved my life. I am a 56-year-old who blamed everything on hormones. The sad part is that I thought I was healthy, and my symptoms were all menopausal related: extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, leg edema, and aches and pains. Turns out I had some heart problems going on aortic valve stenosis and CVI Chronic Venous Insufficiency. I had a couple of procedures and I am feeling so much better. It’s like night and day.
— Patient from Wimbereley, TX
After much research into the Heartwise Medical Protocol, my colleagues and I were convinced that it was a very sound and evidence based concept. After our initial patients were screened and returned for follow-up visits, it was obvious that we were helping diagnose early onset diseases.
— Clinic in Calcasieu Parish, LA
Going through the HeartWise program has given me the motivation I needed to start living a healthier lifestyle. I’ll definitely return next year to see how my risk score has improved!
— Patient at Lee County, FL
This was a 2 hour exam that was painless and easy to follow. My one-on-one consultation with the Heartwise Administrator as well as my Patient Results Folder allowed me to form an actionable plan for my health and nutrition.
— Patient at Lafayette, LA
Heartwise provides physicians the opportunity to be “proactive” with their patients versus “reactive”. No longer do I have to wait for the patient to be symptomatic before initiating treatment. Through the Heartwise Program I can provide patients in easy to understand language the knowledge to better their health.
— MD - Port Neches, TX
Before HeartWise, I was tired of going from doctor to doctor, taking one diagnostic test at a time without getting a solid diagnosis for a few nagging, chronic conditions. I felt so frustrated—I had to pay for each new doctor’s visit, but there was no real resolution to my problems. The HeartWise testing scanned me from head to toe all at one time, so that they were able to finally connect my symptoms with underlying problems. Now my doctor and I are able to eliminate my symptoms much more effectively. I’m more productive at work, and have more energy to play with my new grandchild. Thanks HeartWise!
— Patient at Madison County, AL
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